Are you focusing on what really matters in your life? Or are you just going through the motions jumping from one distraction to the next and being tossed around like a row boat in rough seas? If you want to experience a life well-lived, then it’s probably a good idea to pause and reflect on how aligned you are with the things that carry the most meaning for you on a regular basis — ideally once a week, minimum.

Here are a few suggestions you may want to try on for size:

  1. ID and Prioritize between 3-6 tasks that are most important for you to tackle and complete each day. Eliminate distractions and focus on each of these tasks in order of priority until each has been handled. Rinse and repeat at the end of that day/evening to set up your next day for success. If you can do this on a regular basis, and remain committed to the things that matter the most, your productivity will soar and you’ll have a feeling of greater confidence, well-being, satisfaction, self-trust and ease.
  2. Create a “Not Doing Now” list – This allows you to have a place and running list for the projects, ideas, fragments and other distractions that cross your mind and clutter your thinking — without worrying that you’ll forget something critical.
  3. Make Time for Down-Time – The ToDo list never seems to get any shorter, and you are the only one who can honor your need to balance your life and work. Be sure you’re carving out some down time to allow yourself to clear your head, relax your mind and body, have some fun, and rest and restore. This will allow you to gain a fresh perspective, shake out the cobwebs, and be able to re-engage and be more productive when you’re “on”.
  4. Schedule Weekly Review Sessions — with Yourself. This is sacred time you set aside for yourself, each week, to review what you identified matters the most, and honestly track and assess the progress you needed to make to honor those commitments. If you didn’t do so — what happened to cause you to veer off course (self-imposed or otherwise), and take a look at what course corrections you need to make to hit the mark in those areas the next week.

If you’re willing to slow down and commit to serving yourself in these ways, you might be surprised to experience that you can get more done, in less time, while feeling greater satisfaction along the way. And you may also find that as you do what really matters, your sense of balance and joy return as well.

Give it a try and let me know what you learn!


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