stewartI recently talked with my good friend, Stewart Copeland, a film composer, musician and the and the drummer for The Police on my Blog Talk Radio show, All Access Radio. Stewart has an extensive and diverse resume. We started the interview talking about what motivates him and what passions drive his choices. Steward said, “It has to be creatively amusing.”

We discussed his childhood, and living in Lebanon with a father who was unknowingly working for the CIA. His cultural environment in the Middle East very much influenced his music as a creator. He explained that the “cultural environment was Arabic music, which has that dropkick beat, which is very similar to the rhythm trick of reggae which has that dropkick beat; the absence of one an emphasis of three of the bar.”

stewart_copelandCopeland described how his passion for drums began and shared with me hisfavorite memory with The Police. “Favorite experience, probably Shea Stadium. We probably all agree that out best, ultimate gig where we reached the pinnacle, -Sting likes to say ‘the only place we could go from now is down’ –and soon after that we broke up, but that was a really great gig, a really great evening, a wonderful experience and a pinnacle of everything that we had struggled to achieve.

To hear the whole interview, more stories and more about Copeland’s career as a film composer visit my website where I put out a new interview every Monday at 8:00 EST.

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