beatles-fans-2Many people in my world know that the Beatles are far and away my favorite group of all time; in fact, I’m known as a “Beatle-ologist” given my vast knowledge of far too much trivia having to do with the band. Like so many others, they inspired me to pursue my career in music from a very young age (I can recall being very deliberate about that choice as early as when I was 8 years old as a direct result of the Beatles).

The Beatles have never really gone away (well their music hasn’t anyway), and to that end Beatle fans have a couple of reasons to celebrate of late including the following:

*Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary package (preview trailer)

The Beatles will release a carefully curated “Sgt Pepper” anniversary edition package which comes out this week on May 26th to celebrate this special milestone. The two-CD deluxe edition has been artfully re-mixed by Giles Martin in both stereo and 5.1 surround audio from the original master tapes, and expanded with outtakes from the studio sessions for the album, along with no fewer than 35 previously unreleased recordings. It also includes two vinyl LPs, digital versions of the songs, a 144-page full color book (featuring handwritten lyric notes, sketches, images of the group in the studio & more), two posters, and two CDs of extras (unreleased goodies), and a DVD and Blu-Ray of “The Making of Sgt Pepper” — and much more.

*Beatles channel finally arrives on Sirius XM

One of the reasons among many that I bought my Acura RDX nine years ago was that it came with Sirius XM installed; I was hoping that included a Beatles channel — but shockingly it didn’t; until last week (!!). The long-awaited channel is finally available for Sirius XM subscribers — and it’s such a delight. It includes a treasure trove of curated programming, including at least a dozen regular shows and specials; too many to list here — but trust me you’ll love it. If you’re a Beatles fan, go to the site and check out all the goodies!

*Paul McCartney answers recent Japanese fan Q&As
(Paul has fun addressing questions out of a box backstage at Budokan for roughly 20 minutes)

(incl things like: his thoughts on the new Sgt Pepper 50th package, does he take fashion advice from daughter Stella? (he often designs his own stuff but uses her tailor). Fave of his bass lines in one of his own songs — “Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite”. Fave song he’s ever written – that John also complimented him on — is “Here, There & Everywhere”; one of my personal faves as well). Most memorable story about his work with George Martin (when George would weigh in on arrangements to Paul’s songs as he’d write them; for ex., one great memory is what George suggested for “Yesterday”: he immediately framed the chords for a string quartet in conversation with Paul. That was great fun for Paul & educational as well).

Good Day, Sunshine…!

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