When it comes to celebrity wrangling, helping a corporate client or event organizer secure the right celebrity to support their event or product campaign is definitely more art than science. The most important part of the process is bringing my 25 years of listening and experience to a discussion about the objectives of the client. Is it a company celebration? Is the event or campaign about supporting their employees (internal) or their brand (customers)? Is it to thank their sales team? Or perhaps an industry conference with VIPs?

From there, we create a wish list of who they’d love to have stand on their stage or showcase their product or company, as well as what “type” of spokesperson or entertainer – for instance, a musician, a comedian, an actor or actress. Then we put together a prioritization and an outreach plan, something I’ve developed strong expertise in doing successfully after many years. We also create a list of gives and gets – is the celebrity or artist being compensated? Is the event so grand that it’s simply a win/win for them to participate? And then the back-and-forth between the client and the celebrity rep begins, and the process of creating a strong win for both sides unfolds.

The biggest impact in terms of having a celebrity or artist aligned with a campaign or event is what I call the “halo effect” – when an audience feels cared for and honored when a celebrity or artist that they trust is behind the company or the product. This generally results in a memorable experience and a long lasting increase in trust and credibility.

In addition, celebrity involvement can result in much greater visibility, acceleration, and traction for a start-up – and much greater exposure if you’re doing something on the web or in social media. It increases the attraction to the product or company like a magnet, based on the following and popularity of the celebrity and their brand. Finally, with the timeless nature of the web, this association with an artist will stand the test of time, being discovered again and again through a simple Google Search.

Not sure how a celebrity or artist might fit into your start-up, product or event?  Reach out to me and ask. Kelli@AllAccessGroup.com


“Kelli’s contributions as co-producer of ‘MusicBiz 2005′ have been essential. Her relationships and management of them, as well as her conceptual abilities have been a cornerstone of the business we have been developing. I can’t imagine that it (the conference) would have happened without her. For starters, she brings a tremendous understanding of the market, a stellar reputation, loyal relationships among the leaders in the field, highly developed written and oral communication skills, untiring work ethic, excellent team building skills, and total reliability….”
~ David Schwartz, Executive Producer – MusicBiz

“Kelli has proven to be an excellent resource for Red Herring Events. She contacted over 50 musicians and celebrities for our Herring on Hollywood event. Kelli is both professional and a pleasure to work with. With her assistance, we were able to book the musician Ice-T to speak on the music panel. We will definitely be using Kelli’s services for future events.”
~ Beth Curran, Event Producer – Red Herring Magazine

Kelli Richards,
CEO of The All Access Group, LLC



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