It may be a trite statement, and yes maybe overused, however how many of us are living from this mindset? In the wake of things like the Vegas concert massacre earlier this month — or losing another beloved rocker (Tom Petty), I was reflecting on how fleeting life really is. The best way to honor those whose lives may have been cut short is to live each day fully, fully present, in the moment. To express yourself with those you care about, let them know how you feel. To do the things that matter the most to you now, today — because the harsh truth is that someday may not exist! What if you just acted on a thought or an idea when it came to you, or called someone when they came to mind? Your life would be lived more fully in the moment, and your velocity and results would surely increase. Try it!

I love what Steve Chandler says in his terrific new book “Right Now: Mastering the Beauty of the Present Moment”,“What if it was no big deal that had to be thought about forever, or until circumstances were perfect (KR hint: they never will be; ‘perfect’ is another word for ‘not going to happen’). We often turn things into a big deal by blowing them up and floating them into the scary future. We fill these tasks or thoughts with helium. Their importance and significance expands. Now they seem too big to hold onto any longer, so off they go into the distant future. This is too big; I can’t do this right now.” Yes — you can do this thing; right now today — or at least take the first step(s) towards getting started and moving in the direction of “IT”. There’s no one holding you back from yourself. Do It!

Repeat after me — “I commit to being more present in my life”; and start by taking action when the idea strikes. As my mentor Alan Weiss says, when you’re 80% ready, move! If you need support with this don’t hesitate to reach out.


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