letting-go-balloonsHave you ever noticed how we can make things more difficult than they need to be? Either by overthinking something, making it more complicated than it needs to be, getting worked up in a way that doesn’t serve us, or otherwise being fixed on things having to be a certain way in our lives? That’s how we sabotage the good things that want to come our way. We can actually stop our good from getting to us because we don’t allow it in when it shows up on our front doorstep! Conversely, when we take time to ‘pause’ and reflect on a situation (and what we most want to have happen), when we trust our hearts over our heads to make the choice that will serve us best, and trust that the Universe is doing its best to deliver us what we say we want — things can flow to us more readily and with much less struggle and strife.

Recently, I got myself worked up over the fact that a client was late in paying me the fees that we had agreed on — and it was a sizable amount of money. In fact, it was just the amount of money I needed to pay my 2016 taxes due in full. At a certain level, I allowed myself to be a nervous wreck when the funds didn’t arrive by when we agreed they would — and worked my way into a panic that I might not, for the first time in my life, be able to pay the taxes due on time prior to the deadline. It interfered with my peace of mind and with my productivity and focus to take care of other things I needed to get handled. In the end, I turned it all over, trusted that my client was doing his best — and trusted that it would work out right (even if I was a day or two late in paying my tax bill) — and my stress disappeared instantly.

So we have the choice in terms of whether we opt to drive ourselves and those around us nuts, and create unnecessary anxiety — or whether we take the steps we need to in a given situation, and trust that life will take care of the rest in a way that will generally deliver what we were hoping for (and more!).

Do yourself a HUGE favor and reflect on this message, and consider what you could let go of with one hand to allow for more to come in to the other — I’ll bet you’ll be happier, less stressed, easier to be around, and pleasantly surprised with the outcome more often than not.

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