I had the pleasure of interviewing “supermensch” and artist manager extraordinaire Shep Gordon a short while ago on All Access Radio.  Shep’s been a real inspiration throughout my career, and it’s been fascinating to follow his journey over the years — and a real pleasure to a catch up with him for our fireside chat on my podcast.

Shep is truly a visionary Hollywood manager, agent and producer responsible for building some of the biggest careers in entertainment. He’s worked with many incredible artists over the years — including Alice Cooper, whom he continues to manage today after nearly 50 years (!). He’s also the subject of the acclaimed Mike Myers-produced documentary “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.”

What I enjoyed most about our conversation was learning more about how he approaches life – how he manages the challenges, successes, failures – the ups and downs in life and career. I think what makes Shep so successful is that he is well-intended. And he is intentionally well-intended. I had to chuckle a bit when he said that he and Alice Cooper have worked all these years together without a contract and without issue – the only other person I know who does that is Ken Kragen, whom I just interviewed last month!  Shep says it’s because they have allowed each other to fail without blame – it has always been about intention. They have each other’s back more so than most marriages! He went on to say that the intentions you bring into your transactions and the way you conduct your life – if your intentions are valid – allow you to keep a smile on your face. Intentions keep you happy in life. And I daresay those around you as well. This stance has clearly worked for him throughout a rich, history-making career.

Be sure to listen to the entire interview  – Shep shares some really interesting back-stories on the creation of the Celebrity Chef (a phenomenon he was instrumental in driving) and riding the wave of the culinary revolution; how he came to be friends with — and a “grasshopper” for — renowned Chef Roger Verge, eventually becoming his road manager and transforming his career; why Norman Lear and Anthony Bordain inspired him to write his autobiography “They Call me Supermensch”; and Teddy Pendergass’ Women Only Concerts that inspired  a sexual revolution, to name just a few of the stories.  Find out which industries Shep thinks are the next up and coming ones, and which of today’s musical artists are doing it right and destined to make history. Listen to the entire interview.


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