serenity free flowingAs I write this, today marks the 15th anniversary of 9-11; a day that is especially important to me, not only in terms of honoring those who were lost — but also in gratitude for avoiding being one of the victims myself. A near-miss because I was booked as a passenger on United flight 93 that morning headed to SF from Newark; one of the planes that was directly impacted among the flights that were taken over by terrorists on that awful day. Trusting my intuition and surrendering to that little voice in my head saved my life.

As it happens, my beloved cat Milo’s birthday would have been very close to that date; so today marks his 15th birthday. It’s a miracle that he’s still with me as he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the spine (bone cancer) 4 years ago — and while they removed most of the cancer cells back then, it returned & he was diagnosed as terminal back in mid-February. I’m happy to report he’s not ready to make his transition and is doing fine now. I’m surrendering to whenever his time arises to move on, but for now I’m grateful for every day he’s still here.

I just finished reading Michael (Mickey) Singer’s latest book, “The Surrender Experiment”. His “The Untethered Soul” remains one of my favorite books, and as many of you are aware I’m a voracious reader; two books/week.

In Mickey’s latest book, he recounts his life story about how he just kept showing up and surrendering to the flow of where life wanted to take him — and just saying ‘yes’ as situations and opportunities arose. He’s had the most magnificent journey anyone could imagine for their life, and one that he clearly didn’t orchestrate himself. The message being that when we surrender to life as opposed to living with what our ego mind and logic dictates, and literally ‘go with the flow’, trusting and even anticipating serendipity to play a key role, miracles can show up.

And it’s far less stressful to operate from a stance of allowing and surrendering vs struggle and resistance. Try it!



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