For many of us here in the US, we’re celebrating our country’s Independence Day this week (on the 4th). A lot of people gloss over the real meaning of the day…how many lost their lives to ensure we have the many freedoms most in this country take for granted, but which are responsible for us being a global leader. I think it’s worth taking a few minutes to pause and reflect on that as we’re spending time with family and friends this week.

That’s an external orientation. There’s an internal view as well, and that is we’re halfway through the year. It’s a great chance to pause and take stock of whether your year is on track, and whether you’re making progress towards the key goals you outlined at the beginning of the year. Are the same priorities still relevant? Do you need to make some adjustments (or re-commit to the same goals)? What negative habits or thoughts are in your way that it’s time to jettison? Time to release bad habits that are otherwise holding us back and interfering with where we said we wanted to go and what we wanted to achieve.

Personally I love the freedom of working for myself, being able to manage my time and inclinations, choosing who I want to work with, what I get to contribute to, and so much more.

We here in the US anyway have so many freedoms that we take for granted — and it’s a great time to take stock and consider what those are for each of us, re-commit to our priorities, and do what it takes to set ourselves up for success (at least the things that we’re in control of) during the second half of this year.

So as you’re enjoying a barbeque, fireworks, and however else you’re celebrating this week I hope you’ll take a few minutes to pause and reflect on all of this, and be inspired to act as well!


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