Carolyn Elliott is an entrepreneur, writer and author, coach, super-connector, and modern-day magical person. She is the host of the Superconnectors Podcast, which interviews top Superconnectors from around the world who share the tools, attitudes and resources they use to grow and nurture their world-class social networks. Carolyn is also the editor of WITCH magazine and the author of Awaken Your Genius: A 7 Step Path to Freeing your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams.

In This Episode:

  • 06:45 How Carolyn defines “magic”
  • 12:15 What is a “witch,” really?
  • 15:45 How Carolyn went from crashing on couches in Pittsburgh to running a location independent 6-figure business
  • 20:35 Why the internet doesn’t care about your credentials
  • 23:50 What the planets have to say about millennials
  • 26:35 How Carolyn achieves a 90% sales conversion rate
  • 30:34 The most important and overlooked element of building a robust social network
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