Lorenzo Lamas is an American actor well known for playing Lance Cumson on the 1980s soap opera Falcon Crest (Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor), Reno Raines on the 1990s crime drama Renegade, and Hector Ramirez on the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s starred in dozens of movies (most recently Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!), served as a judge on ABC television’s Are You Hot? and starred in his own reality show, Leave It to Lamas, a series about his real-life family. In 2014 he published his autobiography, Renegade at Heart, and last year starred as a cast member on the reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice.

In This Episode:

12:20 Lorenzo reflects on his biggest life lesson in 58 years
17:10 Lorenzo talks Celebrity Apprentice and experience with Donald Trump
20:10 The Boot Campaign
22:30 Trump’s potential as President of the USA
26:40 Relatioships with cast
33:38 Influence of father on path and career

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