Zeeshan Zaidi is the General Manager of Artist Services at Ticketmaster, a division of Live Nation Entertainment, where he works with artists, managers, agents, promoters and labels to help make tours more successful through leveraging Ticketmaster’s marketing reach, data insights, and commerce opportunities. He’s also the lead vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and founder of alternative rock band The Commuters. Prior to joining Ticketmaster, Zaidi spent several years in the startup world in various capacities. He was CEO/co-founder of Host Committee, Inc., a social media and events startup. He also served as COO and Head of Global of LimeWire, the world’s largest file-sharing network. Previously, Zeeshan developed the careers of superstar artists such as Avril Lavigne, OutKast, Usher and Dido in his numerous roles in the recorded music industry at Sony BMG, including VP, Digital for RCA and Sr. Director, Marketing for Arista Records.


 Learn more about Zeeshan at: https://twitter.com/ZeeshanZaidi
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