Proximity Is Power

“Who we know” is what we do.

Having lived and thrived at the crossroads of Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Madison Avenue for over 25 years, Kelli Richards attracts and cross-pollinates some of the biggest influencers in the business to create successful results for client objectives.


The All Access Group guides established artists & celebrities and innovative company leaders alike to reach greater levels of access to top talent, influencers & decision-makers, resulting in revenue growth and market penetration at scale.

We help select companies that are innovative, disruptive, and game-changing to make money and move markets. We are driven to work with team players who thrive at the cutting edge of what’s next in technology and entertainment. We provide vision, guidance, ideation, market intelligence & leadership, and business development services to companies ranging from funded start-ups to the Fortune 100. We have worked closely with leaders at scores of tech and media companies to develop new businesses and business models, ideated new products & solutions, and have executed innovative deals through trusted relationships globally. We bring decades of experience in digital media and entertainment, along with the strategic insights and powerful connections needed to forge the partnerships and alliances that will accelerate the results and stature our clients want to achieve in the marketplace.

Interim VP

Kelli is also able to function as an extension of your senior management team as desired, co-creating the development of your strategy and accelerating implementation. Whether you are a technology, music or entertainment company, or an artist, celebrity or a disruptive start-up, she can play a significant role in your business development initiatives. If you are in need of A-level strategic partnerships, content acquisition or dealmaking, Kelli consistently and strategically connects you to key decision-makers and business opportunities that deliver highest impact.

Who it’s for:


Innovative, disruptive, and game-changing companies

Who could benefit from fresh out-of-the box insights and strategic guidance from an experienced super-connector who can create powerful introductions and accelerate dealmaking with top tier talent, leaders and decision makers in tech, music, media and entertainment.

Super Connector

The All Access Group facilitates deals and rare opportunities with remarkable finesse, harnessing the power to connect key players and implement game-changing strategies.

Kelli Richards is uniquely experienced in navigating the landscapes of both innovation and creativity. Because she has lived and worked in both Silicon Valley and Hollywood, Kelli is able to connect top tier execs and stakeholders with key visionaries, creatives, and innovators in both worlds. With a rich & deep goldmine of solid relationships built over decades, she is able to leverage her connections to guide innovative companies and established artists to unprecedented outcomes.

Who it’s for:


Top tier execs and stakeholders


Visionaries, creatives, and innovators

“Kelli’s a great strategic thinker and networker, and it has been a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her and her company, The All Access Group to anyone seeking accelerated results.”

Brad Cooper

Founder & CEO, Human Radius

“Kelli Richards is an important resource in my world!

Many are the times that I have benefited from her insights, advice and connections. She’s particularly helpful to those who are contemplating their ‘second act’ in life & work.”

Stewart Copeland

Musician, Drummer & Composer for The Police

Celebrity Wrangling

Kelli has been a sought after talent producer for a range of award shows, cause concerts, corporate and private events, and has consulted in this capacity for nearly three decades. She understands how to approach, secure, prepare and manage celebrity participation for the best possible win-win results each and every time.

She and her team secure and handle top-name VIP talent (musicians, actors, comedians, athletes, innovators, authors and other top-tier luminaries, without restriction) with a velvet glove at every step — whether for corporate events, marketing or brand campaigns, industry conferences, trade shows, award shows, televised events or global concerts. Whatever the goals, Kelli engages elite talent to create truly unique and memorable experiences, both on behalf of the luminaries, as well as the corporate clients she serves.


Who It’s For


Corporate Clients

Who want to work with an experienced talent producer to secure celebrities and established musicians as a means of injecting enthusiasm into their consumer-focused marketing campaigns &/or internal employee/sales events.


Awards show, concert and event organizers

Who want a seasoned, veteran talent producer to handle celebrity participation in their events that understands the needs of VIPs, luminaries, artists/celebrities, and is highly skilled at securing and interacting with them.

“Kelli Richards has her finger on the pulse of the future of entertainment and technology.”

Jerry Seinfeld

 Facilitator & Panel Expert

An experienced facilitator and moderator who is capable of recruiting and leading top-tier industry leaders as panelists for key industry conferences – or just to participate as a knowledgeable, well-spoken panelist on a broad range of topics impacting technology and music, media and entertainment



Who it’s for:


Conference Organizers

Focused on innovations in technology, digital music, media and entertainment who want to benefit from a veteran and leader on the cutting edge of trends in this space, who has over 25 years of experience both moderating and acting as a panelist at top-tier industry conferences.