And now for something completely different. I’ve been noticing intriguing anagrams popping up all around me lately. An anagram is a word or phrase created by re-arranging the letters of another, such as cinema formed from iceman. Many people are familiar with these in doing the Word Jumble in their newspaper. But the ones that have been showing up for me lately are ones that have a little more significance — almost like sign posts that encourage me to slow down and ponder their meaning in my life. Here are a couple of examples that have crossed my radar recently — perfectly normal, and yet (!). 

*When you realize EARTH and HEART are spelled using the same letters, it all starts to make sense. Doesn’t that make you want to slow down, breathe, and reflect on the message being conveyed there?

Or how about……

*The words CREATOR and REACTOR? One of my favorite authors on the topic of personal transformation is the very wise and prolific Steve Chandler who published a new book in January called “Creator”. The whole book is basically a reflection of this anagram. Which one are you? Do you act as though you are in charge of your life and creating what you want to experience? Or do you behave in ways that have you reacting like a victim of circumstances? Which one of these feels better? You get to choose (!).

And finally….

*The words LISTEN and SILENT. Hmmm; give that some thought……there are times when both make sense aren’t there; are you tuned in to when each is appropriate in different circumstances? See if you can be more mindful about this in your daily round.

What are some of your favorite anagrams & how are they causing you to reflect? I’d love to hear.

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