Two years ago, I was attending a gathering of my advanced coaching graduate alum with our mentor, Alan Cohen, in Hawaii. Alan often invites colleagues of his to join us via Skype as guest contributors. That year, he invited Ken Honda from Japan who had been a successful entrepreneur in Japan — and then went on to be one of the best-selling authors in Japan (selling over 7 million copies of his books worldwide.) I resonated with Ken’s style, demeanor, approach and message immediately. He told us about a book he was working on called “Happy Money” — and I couldn’t wait to read it.

The basic premise behind Happy Money is that most of us have arrested development when it comes to finances. We hold deep-seated beliefs that we adopt from a young age based on our parents’ attitudes towards money — and we’re not typically conscious that we’ve taken on those messages as we get older. As a result, the vast majority of adults struggle with money and finance-related issues. Ken’s premise is that your relationship with money is directly tied to your relationship with life — and that it MIRRORS your relationship with your life. Unhappy money is money that you bring in through fear or fear-based emotions. As an example, when a couple goes through an acrimonious divorce and one spouse gets alimony each month — they typically blow through it quickly as the energy behind that money scenario is one they want to get rid of as quickly as possible; it’s “unhappy money”. This is all unconscious.

By contrast when you love what you do to make money and joyfully receive money from people who are truly grateful for your services then money sticks around longer — that’s what it means to have “happy money”. And when your money is happy, then YOU are happy — your relationships work better, you feel better, and your overall world view is much happier.

I’m excited to share that Ken’s “Happy Money” book comes out on June 4th, and I’ve just learned he’s hosting a virtual retreat that I’ve signed up for on SAT June 1st. I rarely promote things like this, but I highly recommend this online course — which comes with a copy of the book, and a recording to the webinar in case you can’t listen to it when it airs. The details are here — and the whole package is $20. I’ve registered for it myself, and am looking forward to it. If this resonates with you, as it does for me, then consider signing up for it; again, it includes a copy of the book which I’ve read and highly endorse!

I’m pretty confident you’ll wind up with some powerful insights about money, and I know you’ll enjoy Ken’s teachings (even if you just read the book) — and his personality/presence in his virtual retreat.

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