At this time of the year, people often come up with a list of ‘resolutions’ most of which don’t live past the first month (or even the first week!) of January. They often don’t work out because of one or a combination of several factors. Firstly, they’re often vague goals without specific actions or metrics of success fleshed out to achieve those goals. Further, they’re often about what you think you should do to appease others or be more socially acceptable vs want really matters to you at a deep level intrinsically. And finally, there’s often no commitment and no accountability — so inevitably they fizzle out pretty quickly. So what does work? 

Consider instead a commitment to expansion in the new year in whatever way is most meaningful for you. It may be that you want to be healthier and more fit; well, what does that look like? Break it down and make it clear, realistic and achievable. For example, perhaps you craft a plan for workouts you’ll enjoy doing with a trainer and/or friends or workout buddies. What metrics for success will you attach? What are your specific goals by what target timeframe and why is that important? Who will hold you accountable to those results?

(Rinse and repeat for the other areas of your life — whether you want to create habits that will enhance your life, improving your relationships, your diet, your finances, your career success and more. You get the idea).

The distinction here is that you’re “committed” to moving towards things that matter to you and you’re expanding in a given direction around specific goals with clarity, metrics and accountability that are meaningful to you and that are truly achievable. See if this approach serves you better; let me know(!).

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