Tamer Rashad, Founder & CEO of Humtap was a guest on All Access Radio recently, and if you’re interested in seeing what being a leader on the forefront of a major game-changing technology looks like then you won’t want to miss this fascinating interview.

Tamer is a business leader with a background of over 25 years of general management, corporate strategy, M&A start-up and business development experience in the finance world across the US, Europe and Emerging Markets. Tamer and I share a passion for both music and technology and Humtap is the perfect marriage of both in my opinion. Have you ever hummed and tapped a melody in your head that sounded pretty good? What if you had an app that would turn those hums and taps into original music you could use as a unique soundtrack, royalty free, underneath a video clip you create to share across social media? What if you wanted it to sound a little like Cold Play or David Bowie or another artist? What if you wanted it to have an ethnic flair from another culture, or wanted it in a certain musical genre? Humtap is a music creation platform driven by the human voice and augmented with artificial intelligence and deep algorithmic composition, designed to enable effortless real-time music creation and sharing for everyone on-the-fly with some really compelling applications for consumers, composers, musicians and labels alike.

While still early stage, the capability is here now and developing at a mind-boggling pace. The implications for the AI, VR and Music industries are staggering and thought provoking. I love watching history happen before our very eyes – it’s such an incredible time for these industries and Humtap is at the very center. It’s even more exciting to be part of the team at the epicenter of a game-changing technology trend.

Tamer is a very cool guy who in my opinion masters the balance between work and philanthropy which I believe is a major key to overall happiness and success. The ability to share your knowledge and good fortune in a way that opens doors for others that would otherwise be closed is honorable and priceless to those on the receiving end. To that end, Tamer has served honorably on the Board of Plan International for over 10 years. Be sure to check out this important initiative to improve life community by community.

And be sure listen to the entire fascinating interview with Tamer Rashad on All Access Radio!

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