What do major athletes, tech innovators, actors, rock stars, and successful CEOs all have in common? Many if not most of them have a coach, mentor or trusted advisor in some form or fashion. I only recently learned that Bill Gates did a TED talk awhile back entitled “Everyone Needs a Coach” where he stressed that no matter who we are we can all benefit from having people around us to give us feedback, provide perspective, and help us reach our goals. There are many examples of corporate CEOs and other highly successful and influential people using coaches — like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, who shared Bill Campbell a coach, Alan Mulally (Ford CEO) & Frances Hesselbein (Girl Scouts CEO), who shared Marshall Goldsmith as their coach, and Oprah — whose coach was Maya Angelou; and on it goes.

Many highly successful people don’t have anyone in their world who they can really trust, who understand what they’re dealing with at a core level, who will hold their confidences, and who have their back for all the right reasons.

Among many successful high performers (and those who aspire to be), you’ll find a pattern of lifelong learning, a desire to improve their performance, and a receptivity to the help of a coach or trusted advisor to manifest their visions. The thing is, you can only be so successful on your own — and even your definition of what it means to be successful can be hampered by your own limited perspective. Many of us carry baggage around with us for years or decades. We have a fixed mindset, and entrenched habits and belief systems that weigh us down and no longer work for us — if they ever did. We get to a point where money is no longer the ultimate driving force, where we start to seek a life that really matters, and we want to do work that is truly fulfilling and aligned with our passions and values.

A powerful coach or trusted advisor can provide you with fresh perspectives and insights, give you a new slant on the impact of how you’re operating in the world, share new ideas for helping you to get out of your own way, and provide tools to improve your relationships in work and in life. So if you aspire to have all of this for yourself, have a strong desire to finally reach goals that may have seemed impossible to achieve on your own, want support in helping you to solve thorny problems, navigate solutions or address challenges where you’ve gotten stuck and are ready to break free of them — consider engaging an experienced ally to help you make all of this happen and more.

If any or all of this resonates for you, reach out to me and let’s have an exploratory conversation soon. I’m in the process of identifying which clients I’ll be co-creating with in the coming year to make it their best year ever on all fronts. Is 2018 your year? Would you like it to be? Are you committed to doing what it will take to create a life that really matters and to make your goals and desires a reality (once and for all)? Contact me if so, and let’s discuss what it will take to make it so for you. Now is your time! Here’s to your health, wealth, happiness and success in 2018.

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