When you think of our most precious commodity, what would you say it is? Is it time, money, freedom, something else? All those things are definitely important, but it turns out one of the most important things to cultivate is how and where you place your attention. In a noisy, crowded world with an abundance of information and things coming at us every day, it’s never been more important to stay mindful of this. Your attention is money; are you investing it wisely and actively with determination or are you wasting it? As one of my colleagues Roberta Ross recently observed, if you want to be successful and free, mastering your attention is your greatest power. And if you want to create momentum, transform the experience of your business and earn more, you really must invest your attention and your efforts wisely.  Simple as that.

Part of this is minding your own business — that is to say, be careful about who you choose to listen to because that can and will influence your thoughts and your actions. Be aware that information others share with you is based on their own fears, thoughts, judgments, experiences and filters — which may not be aligned with yours. While others are focused on obstacles and comparing what’s happening today to things in the past (the rear view mirror), you can stay focused on where you’re headed now and the opportunities available for you to get there (the windshield). Certainly you want to seek out trusted advisors — and also be self-disciplined enough to clarify daily what your priorities and revenue-producing activities are, and then focus on what steps you can take each and every day to move towards achieving your goals large and small. Your ultimate success depends on continually, daily, mindfully, investing your attention on your values, goals, and the doors of opportunity as they’re opening to you.

We can be obstacle-minded or we can be opportunity-minded but we can’t be both — not at the same time. When you come from a mindset of looking for what’s right and a “what if” stance of possibilities for how things could work, you’re freeing yourself from mental shackles and allowing yourself to manifest what is most important for you to create in your world.

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