Part of being mindful is that we are that much more attuned and receptive to seemingly chance occurrences as we go about our day. Especially if we live from a stance of “what if” and possibilities as I do. For example, recently I ran into a woman in the green room as I was in NYC getting ready to tape a segment for a business show on TV — and she asked what I did; I told her I was a super-connector. She held up a book that she’s just written called “The Connector’s Advantage” and we both had a laugh. I made a new friend instantly in the author, Michelle Tillis-Lederman, who is an author and leadership speaker — and who subsequently invited me to become part of a group she’s involved with for female authors. You just never know right?

Earlier this week, I got a call out of left field from a colleague who wants to launch a new music/tech conference — and was guided to reach out to me. Little did he realize that I had co-produced music/tech conferences three years running many years ago, and it’s something I really love to do and excel at in collaboration with others. We connected a whole bunch of dots in a robust initial conversation for possibilities, and that is destined to lead to something that will add a lot of opportunity not just for both of us but for all those we bring together at an event and that should be a whole lot of fun as well!

Then yesterday, I got to the airport for my regular junket between the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles, and I was there unusually early. As I was strolling through the concourse wondering to myself why I was there that early — I realized there must be an opportunity to connect with someone that would be mutually beneficial. Almost immediately, I ran into a friend and former client and his wife, Steve and Wendy Curd of Scaeva Technologies who were also doing a day trip to/from LA like me. We had a great chance for a leisurely catch up, and for a moment it seemed like we might be on one or both of the same flights but were not. They had just made a referral to me of a new project which I thanked them for — and we discussed the need/desire to stay in more active contact. We subsequently ran into each other at the airport later in the day in LA as were both heading back and had another chance to spend a few minutes together. What are the odds??

This is the kind of thing that happens when you stay mindful, live in the moment, and remain open to possibilities and opportunities coming your way. Start to pay attention to how serendipity works in your own life, and embrace the rewards that are yours when you do.

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