Athena is the CEO and founder of BlissQuest Publishing, an online publishing house concept which when funded will be the first publishing house in the world to offer healthcare and retirement planning to artists and writers, as well as 50-50 royalty splits. Her first novel, a fantasy called “Murder of Crows,” was published in 2012 as the first installment in a trilogy called “Pillars of Dawn, which follows heroine Fable Montgomery on a treacherous, magical journey through the mythical land of Aria.

The second installment, called “Sinnet of Dragons” is currently under production. Athena lives on the rugged Oregon coast, where her passions include travel, photography, scrapbooking, scotch and storytelling…preferably all with chocolate.ones.

In This Episode:

03:04 why “spice and chaos” is important to Athena
06:25 what is bliss quest publishing and what can readers expect?
08:50 what is fair trade publishing?
12:50 the corporate side of Athena’s work
18:30 what’s so special about Fable Montgomery?
19:20 what would happen if the Muse of Story dies?
20:25 what Athena would say to someone who said “but i’m not a good storyteller”
21:26 why story is both art and science
23:47 sneak peek at Athena’s next book, “Sinnet of Dragons”
25:25 what’s next for Athena’s creative work

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