You Don’t Need a Horse to Be a Cowgirl – A Creative Director/Writer for over 25 years, Barbara Newman’s iconic work has left an indelible mark on contemporary brand culture. She’s written award-winning campaigns that have been featured at Cannes, and has developed content across multiple media platforms for global brands around the world. Documentary film credits include, Burning The Future: Coal in America, which received the International Pare Lorentz Award for best social documentary; HBO’s Dear Talula, short-listed for the Academy Award. Barbara’s current production, called Cowgirls Are Forever, will be the first feature-length documentary to illustrate the evolution of the cowgirl, and how her spirit and accomplishments have impacted contemporary American culture. It is due for release in late 2017.

In This Episode:

04:45 How the idea for Cowgirls Forever came to Barb
07:50 What is the cowgirl spirit and what makes it so powerful?
10:02 Where are the role models for girls to find their power?
13:41 Barb’s first rodeo experience
20:55 the broader impact the cowgirl spirit has had on American society
25:35 On Barb’s creative partner Nancy Novak
28:01 Barb’s advice for choosing the right creative partner

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