With over thirty years of experience in sales, technology, and executive management, Dave Jaworski currently serves as CEO of Meta Media Partners, which leverages technology, techniques and processes to help people and organizations achieve their dreams and potential. Previously Dave held positions as VP of Sales and Marketing at NetSteps; CTO of Intero Alliance; and founder and CEO of PassAlong Networks, which was the first company in the world to implement micro-payments with PayPal. Dave started his career as only the third employee at Microsoft Canada, where after multiple promotions he ultimately received the first ever Bill Gates Chairman’s Award of Excellence. Dave is also the author of the new book, Microsoft Secrets: An Insider’s View of the Rocket Ride from Worst to First and Lessons Learned Along the Journey, which is available now for pre-order.

In This Episode:

04:45 Dave speaks to his passion for helping others through the “My Lifebook” program
08:00 What led Dave to publish his book “Microsoft Secrets”
13:45 Dave’s unique baseball-driven book tour plan
14:32 A sneak peak at the insights in Dave’s book
21:45 The secret to transcending the competition, and changing the rules of the game
26:00 One of the more subtle Microsoft takeaways for today’s business leader’s
29:35 On staying hungry and foolish with Steve Jobs
31:35 How Dave applies Microsoft Secrets to current projects like KickFinisher
36:05 “So you’ve got the album — now what?” Why your FB audience isn’t enough.
39:30 One of THE best examples to follow if you’re looking to build a music career
41:15 Dave discusses launching the Dixie Chicks, and how they turned their fortune around
43:05 The big mistake that even super entertainers make
44:05 How Dave is making an impact and why violence should be treated as a disease

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