Ken Kragen Shares His Best Tips on Career and Cause Marketing

A graduate of Harvard Business School Ken Kragen’s illustrious career transcends the music and entertainment industries where he has spent many successful years and managed some of the world’s most important entertainers, including Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, Olivia Newton John, The Bee Gees, Burt Reynolds, The Smothers Brothers and many others. He was the creator and organizer of the historic humanitarian projects “We Are the World“, “Hands Across America“, and Cisco System’s “NetAid“. During the past few years, Kragen has devoted an increasing amount of time to teaching, speaking and writing as well as consulting work for leading corporations and many non-profit organizations, such as Cisco, New York Life Insurance, Eastman Kodak, The Hollywood Reporter and the Country Radio Broadcasters Association. Ken is also the author of the best-selling book “Life is a Contact Sport” which is filled with unique and well-tested career advice.

03:35 A life lesson from Ken’s Dad
08:10 On the “magic of 3’s”
11:50 The bold promise Ken makes to his students (and how he delivers on it)
15:25 On the observatory Ken built and the mystery of the unknown
19:01 The personal quality Ken is most proud of (that he shares with Steve Jobs)
21:08 What it was like to work with Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie on “We Are the World”
32:33 How Ken reacted when he received the UN Peace Medal
36:23 Ken’s biggest insight about cause related marketing
39:13 Ken’s biggest piece of career advice
43:48 The one belief that will make your life better

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