Mark Silverman is not a Coach or a Consultant per se, although he has Coaching and Consulting Clients. For him, every engagement is unique, with the common thread being a leap forward towards the intended result. Mark has generated over $90 Million in sales and received numerous awards over his 15 year career at fast moving, fast growing companies like NetApp, VMware and EMC. He has lead teams to work with CEO’s, Management, and Front Line stakeholders to bring mutual success and close multi-million dollar deals. He’s also the author of the bestselling book Only 10’s: Using Distraction to Get the Right Things Done, as well as the co-author of Unconventional Wisdom, Stories Beyond the Mind to Awaken the Heart.

In This Episode:

08:10 Flow, intuition and creativity over should’s and fear
15:30 Why Mark is not a fan of list-making as a productive strategy
17:39 Start doing “daily experiments”
19:53 Memorable story
22:59 Race to be over-productive is killing people
24:30 Escape fear to create, see every day as a blank canvas
25:23 What defines and drives a “force of nature” like Mark?

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