Lori Stoll is a notable photographer, writer and director who quickly became a sought-after celebrity and advertising photographer in the late 80’s. Her photographs of popular icons Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer were ubiquitous at the pinnacle of their careers.Her assignments in national publications have included Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, Life, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, People and Rolling Stone, and much of her work is syndicated worldwide. In 2014 Lori wrote and directed her first feature, “Heaven’s Floor,” which premiered at Cinequest earlier this year.

In This Episode:

01:52 What premier night is like for a first time filmmaker
04:45 The story of how Lori ended up stranded on Baffin Island in the arctic winter
06:43 What Lori means by “the dark underbelly” of Malaya’s world
08:55 How Lori’s own journey parallels and diverges from the film
11:27 The bigger message the film is trying to get across
11:55 The hardest part of filmmaking that Lori didn’t foresee
13:02 How telling stories differs in film and still photography
16:45 On working with Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins and Michael Jackson
20:35 The best advice Lori ever received

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