Marlin is the Founder and Creative Director of Luma Entertainment, which offers a new genre of art that uses the dark as the canvas and various lighting technologies as the ‘paint’. Marlin is also an author, creative coach, inventor and innovator, and his creative works span multiple fields from a variety of arts: including theatrical productions, writing, toy invention, juggling, and cartooning. In the late 70’s and 80’s Marlin was the first talking juggler to popularize the genre and inspired a whole generation of jugglers who followed his lead. Marlin’s mission is “to create a joyful and evolving world by inspiring others to connect with their own creativity.” See Marlin in his new movie “Christmas Dreams” available for DVD purchase exclusively at Wal-Mart on November 7, 2017.

To learn more about Marlin visit his website Mind of Marlin:

In this Episode:

04:36 What makes Marlin so passionate about juggling
06:00 The 5 roles that Marlin plays in the new movie coming out on 11/7 “Christmas Dreams” (described as Little Drummer Boy meets the Nutcracker)
09:21 Marlin’s work as a toy inventor and methods of play with “Out of the Box”
14:55 Why a good toy is like a zombie
17:05 Luma the theatrical light show, art in darkness
24:49 Why arts and entertainment can do more to raise social consciousness faster than education
25:24 The role the “fool-osopher” plays today and why laughter is the fountain of youth
30:04 How Marlin thinks about creativity and the importance of “licking the envelope”
31:47 The top 3 ingredients for anyone looking to cultivate their creativity
34:00 Marlin’s work and recent award with the Boys to Men project

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