Tamer Rashad is a business leader with over 25 years of general management, corporate strategy, start-up and business development experience across the US, Europe and Emerging Markets. Currently, Tamer is Founder and CEO of Humtap; a music creation platform driven by the human voice and augmented with artificial intelligence and algorithmic composition, designed to enable real-time music creation and sharing for everyone on-the-fly with some really compelling applications for consumers, artists and labels. Tamer is also a co-founder, angel investor and advisor to several startups in Silicon Valley. Previously, Tamer was CEO of Liechtenstein’s private bank LGT Middle East, and Managing Director and Head of Merrill Lynch for the Middle East, where he developed Wall Street’s first B2B social networking software platform – which has since been replicated by many major Wall Street firms.

In This Episode:

03:40 Tamer introduces the music creation game-changer of Humtap (enabling every fan and music lover to express themselves through musical content without talent)
06:00 How Humtap dissolves the historical divide between music listeners and music creators
09:55 How an existing band like Coldplay might take advantage of Humtap
13:20 How Humtap could expand and prolong the creativity of deceased artists like Prince
17:07 What sets Humtap apart from its competitors
18:35 The two key elements of customization that led to the technology’s name
20:46 How Tamer contributes to youth development in 80 countries across South America, Asia and Africa with Plan International
23:01 The best piece of advice Tamer ever received in business
24:07 Why Tamer’s is NOT interested in “legacy” and the principles he IS interested in


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