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An eclectically accomplished musician and studio virtuoso, Todd Rundgren is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter whose music career has spanned nearly five decades. His musical style has evolved over the years from the simple pop of his early solo albums to the more complex progressive rock of his band Utopia, which gained Rundgren a devoted cult following – and beyond.He has also maintained a prolific career as a producer; and is regarded as an early pioneer of rock video, interactive CD, and Web-based music, among many other accomplishments leveraging cutting edge technologies. In May of this year, Todd released White Knight, which features collaborations with the likes of Trent Reznor, Daryl Hall, Joe Walsh and Donald Fagen, among others. He has also recently been awarded honorary doctoral degrees from Berklee College of Music and DePauw University in the midst of his current tour in support of the new album.

In This Episode:

01:40 How the tour is going so far
04:22 How George Martin redefines what a “producer” is
05:47 How the Beatles have influenced Todd’s career
10:45 On the important mindset of frequent re-invention
15:36 Todd’s early role in the artist-direct-to-fan model of music (before Napster!) with Patronet
21:03 Why emerging tech takes so long to come to market
23:05 The effect of iTunes on the music industry (and why Todd refuses to pay 99 cents per song)
25:41 Why Todd believes that being a musician has little to do with viability and more to do with survivability
27:16 Todd’s take on Katy Perry
31:24 Why it’s so important for musicians to keep their masters
36:09 Todd’s touring collaborations with Ringo and thoughts on the value of collaboration
38:51 What’s next for Todd


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