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Dear HBO, Please Keep ‘Silicon Valley’ Real

Forbes-150x88May 7, 2014,


Startup life is a hot topic in Hollywood right now. From Joshua Michael Stern’s “Jobs” to the Amazon original series “Betas,” there’s an undeniable appeal to life in Silicon Valley for those both inside and outside the startup bubble.

4 Steps to Ace an Early-Adopter Culture

Entrepreneur-logoMarch 12, 2014,


In this era of rapid innovation, a new technological breakthrough can shake an entire industry in an afternoon, and consumers are hungry for the most advanced gadgets available. Businesses are constantly expected to be at the forefront of emerging technology.

4 Tech Dinosaurs That Will Finally Die in 2015

Forbes-150x88February 27, 2014,


In recent years, technology has changed the way we view work, entertainment, media, and even our workout habits. While most people are focused on what’s next for wearables, cloud computing, and syncing gadgets, few have taken the time to consider the tech we’re going to be sending into retirement in the coming years.

The Secret to Becoming a Super Connector

linked-In-150x150January 28, 2014,

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A few years ago, a former colleague reached out to me. He was working at Cisco, helping the company organize its 25 anniversary employee celebration. For the event’s entertainment, CEO John Chambers wanted Jerry Seinfeld.