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Creating Powerful Connections Across Music, Entertainment and Technology

With a unique talent for connecting thought leaders and disrupters from technology with innovators from entertainment, CEO Kelli Richards guides her clients to create big visions, make big connections and achieve big results.

Prior to establishing The All Access Group, Kelli made waves in senior-level positions at Fortune 100 entertainment and technology companies including EMI Music, Silicon Graphics (SGI)– and Apple Inc., where she launched Apple’s earliest focus on music & entertainment, driving initiatives in that space during her 12 years with the company. Over the course of the last 25 years, Kelli has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with many people that have been instrumental in defining their respective fields—some have even become iconic. Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, Sheryl Sandberg, Stewart Copeland, Nancy Duarte, Todd Rundgren, Alan Cohen to name a few, have all been personal mentors, colleagues, or clients.

Ty Roberts

“I have in the past, and will continue to recommend Kelli to all my Fortune 100 clients…I have worked with Kelli for the past five years on a variety of media related projects. Kelli is a consummate strategic alliances professional, and maintains an impressive network of entertainment and technology professionals. Kelli delivers significant value in connecting key influencers and decision makers.
Kelli’s experience at the heart of the music and technology convergence is renowned and highly respected. She has superior relationships with decision makers in the space, and with major artists alike. Given the power to forge partnerships and strategic deals, her work is simply unparalleled. One of my favorite people.”

Ty Roberts
CSO/CTO- Strategic Advisor for Music Streaming Services, Investment Group & Automotive OEM's, Former CTO, Universal Music Group

Jeff Jonas

“Kelli has been a powerful asset to our team at Intel Sports and Entertainment, especially with regard to evangelism of our True VR technology. As a seasoned digital media veteran, she’s well-respected and exceptionally well-connected with many of the top influencers in music, entertainment & brands who we wanted to explore building relationships with. Whenever I’ve mentioned an ideal target, she has C-level relationships with them. She has been exceptional to work with — and has enabled us to engage many of these ideal customers in active conversations with us to explore creative possibilities. We look forward to working with her again before too long — and I can’t recommend her highly enough to others in tandem.”

Jeff Jonas
Chief Commercial Officer, Intel Sports & Entertainment

Scott Jamar

“When I launched Huawei’s first podcast channel, one of my goals was to interview high profile tech executives and Key Opinion Leaders. Having worked with Kelli in prior roles, I quickly reached out to see if she could help. I was not disappointed. In short order, Kelli helped us secure over two dozen tech industry thought leaders and the results were way beyond expectations. I highly recommend Kelli for any project that requires securing celebrities in any area, whether music, entertainment or tech. It seems she knows everyone in Hollywood and in Silicon Valley.”

Scott Jamar
VP of Industry Relations, Huawei Technologies, USA

Greg Estes

I’ve engaged with Kelli at three different companies for a variety of different projects connecting technology and the entertainment space, and have always found her to be straightforward, easy to work with, well connected and responsive to the individual needs and requirements of a company’s current business situation. Because she has spent her career working with both high-profile brands and high-profile entertainers, Kelli is particularly adept at creating and communicating sales and marketing strategies that work well for both creatives and business leaders. She’s equally at ease in talking about digital technology with engineers, business strategy with executives, and tactical details with an event planner, which make her a powerful asset for a wide range of projects within technology and entertainment.”

Greg Estes
VP Corporate Marketing and Developer Programs, NVIDIA, Former VP Marketing at Mozes

Jean-Marc Matteini

“Kelli and I have worked together very effectively during the past couple of years. I brought her on board primarily to assist my division at Philips in securing content deals for our Connected Home product line. We put her extensive connections in the entertainment industry to good use, and she was instrumental in establishing some great relationships for us with all of the major record labels, as well as helping to secure key content deals with many of the top leading aggregators including AOL Entertainment,, Radio Free Virgin, Yahoo, Film,, and among several others.

She also did comprehensive outreach directly to roughly 100 or so top name artists offering them a new vehicle for reaching their fans through our connected home devices. Her rich knowledge, experience, and connections combined — both in entertainment and in technology — have been a great asset for us. Kelli has proven herself to be a valuable resource and extension of my team, and I look forward to continuing our work together for Philips as we move forward.”

Jean-Marc Matteini
Director, Strategic Product Management at Faurecia; Former GM of Connected Home Division at Philips Consumer Electronics)


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As a result of being a primary driver in the digital music revolution at Apple, Kelli has had the honor of working with many disruptive, innovative start-ups as a consultant, mentor, and trusted advisor in the convergence of technology, media and entertainment.

“Kelli Richards is an important resource in my world!

Many are the times that I have benefited from her insights, advice and connections. She’s particularly helpful to those who are contemplating their ‘second act’ in life & work.”

Stewart Copeland

Musician, Drummer & Composer for The Police