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Working Remotely, and LOVING It

Los Altos Hills Living, May 2020

As someone who has worked from home for years now, I can attest that there are many ways to set yourself up for success in the current WFH climate. You might end up loving it is as much as I do!

The Fine Art of Celebrity Wrangling

Atherton Living, March 2019
Los Altos Hills Living, April 2019

From Seinfeld to Huey Lewis and More: How to Engage the Right Celebrity for Your Event

Forest Bathing

Atherton Living
February 2019

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Walking in Nature

What 3 Creative Masters Can Teach You About Success

October 25, 2017,
Success Magazine

Do you allow yourself the “think space” you need at work? While CEOs believe creativity is the most important skill for leaders, research shows that 80 percent of U.S. and U.K. workers feel more pressure to be productive than creative.

4 Steps to Landing the Sexiest Projects

Inc.-logo-e1446589523237October 24, 2016,

In my experience in the world of creative entrepreneurship, two types of projects and clients exist: sexy projects and cash projects.

2016 is Not the Year the Masses Pick Up Virtual Reality

May 14, 2016,

Mark Zuckerberg (along with many others) believes that virtual reality will change the way we live, work, and communicate in many ways. Zuck may be right about the long term, but the truth is, VR isn’t quite ready for mass-market adoption.

How Apple Can Improve Its Watch And Boost Sales

February 8, 2016,

Apple isn’t releasing exact sales numbers, but some expert digging has led many to believe that sales of the Apple Watch haven’t reached expectations since its launch in spring 2015.

The 4 Tech Trends That Will Explode in 2016

Inc.-logo-e1446589523237January 25, 2016,

These cutting-edge, scalable trends are attracting not only lots of investment, but also great talent — which are two of the key drivers behind any successful startup.

My Favorite Book of 2015 for Entrepreneurs

Inc.-logo-e1446589523237December 14, 2015,

These cutting-edge, scalable trends are attracting not only lots of investment, but also great talent — which are two of the key drivers behind any successful startup.

Spotify Could Go Away Overnight And No One Would Care

1November 9, 2015,

Although Spotify was able to get its foot in the door early, the presence of companies like Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and others means that the historically un-profitable streaming service either needs to find away to differentiate itself from the competition or risk crashing and burning.

4 Characteristics of Trailblazing Entrepreneurs

Inc.-logo-e1446589523237September 4, 2015,

Trailblazers don’t just see a need in the market — they create new markets, and they forge their own paths to get where their outsized visions tell them they need to go.

The 4 Most Important Reasons You Need to Become a Mentor

Inc.-logoNovember 20, 2014,


When you decide to mentor someone, you really have no way of knowing how far she’ll go. Whether you shape the next great entrepreneur of our time or help someone achieve her dreams, you’ll make a difference — and that’s all that matters.

How to Create Your Own Industry to Fit Your Strengths

Inc.-logoNovember 7, 2014,


Your new industry has to reflect you because whether you’re a “collaborator genie” or a “green-energy explorer,” you’ve got all the makings of becoming your own unique brand of superhero.

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Inc.-logoOctober 31, 2014,


If you’re skeptical about why a mentor would want to partner with a mentee, it may be because you don’t have a plan in place to make it worth her while. Figure out what you have to offer your mentor, and do everything you can to provide that value.

9 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression at Your First Conference

linked-In-150x150October 27, 2014,

LinkedIn Articles

Success in business is all about connections and relationships. And with more and more people working virtually and face-to-face meetings becoming fewer and farther between, the stakes have never been higher for making a good first impression.

9 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression at Your First Conference

Inc.-logoOctober 3, 2014,


Conferences and industry events are a great place to initiate, establish, and nurture valuable business connections, but if you do the work before and after, you’re much more likely to maximize your time when you’re face-to-face.

3 Essential Steps to Creating a Successful Personal Growth Plan

Inc.-logoSeptember 19, 2014,


Drawing up a plan with the counsel of trusted advisors can not only help you visualize your goals and the necessary steps to achieve them, but it can also remedy a lot of the uncertainty that held you back in the first place.