About Us

Kelli and her AAG team consistently work their magic bringing business and partnership opportunities to life by uniting innovators and luminaries across industries.

We work with trendsetters, innovators and trailblazers to provide strategic insight and access to key players, talent and cross-industry opportunities.

What this means is you’re only a phone call away from exactly who you need to make your next project, campaign or launch a massive success. There are always unforeseen challenges in the process of growing as an established or new cutting edge company. Let the All Access Group and Kelli’s strategic insights, enduring relationships and seasoned expertise help you avoid pitfalls, clear obstacles and accelerate your success. more quickly and painlessly than you could otherwise.

A media trail-blazer, uber-connector and influencer across media, digital music, entertainment and technology, Kelli Richards literally & figuratively lives in the crosshairs of Silicon Valley, Hollywood & Madison Ave, forecasting trends and connecting decision-makers and name talent across all three industries.

Kelli Richards, CEO

Prior to launching The All Access Group LLC, Kelli was responsible for launching and driving music and entertainment strategies during her many years at Apple. The opportunity of being personally mentored by Steve Jobs, left a powerful imprint on Kelli and continues to have a profound influence on her to this day. Earlier in her career she was an A&R exec at EMI Music, and has had the honor of being a Board of Governors member of the Grammys (NARAS.) Over the course of the last three decades, Kelli has also acted as a celebrity wrangler and talent producer for numerous award shows, fundraisers and events. Through AAG, Kelli works with a range of disruptive, innovative start-ups and Fortune 100 companies as an advisor, and at times serves as VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. She’s spent the bulk of her career helping to identify and unlock the value of emerging technologies and corresponding new revenue streams for artists and fans, labels, media companies and brands – and other stakeholders across this ever dynamic ecosystem. Kelli maintains a strong voice and stays on the cutting edge of what’s happening across industries through both her regular column for Inc.com and her guest articles in the likes of Forbes, Fortune, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and Fast Company among others. Her long running podcast, “All Access Radio”, is known for its candid interviews with a wide range of tech and entertainment colleagues and luminaries. Finally, Kelli has also authored several books including the best-selling “The Magic & Moxie of Apple – An Insider’s View,” and “The Art of Digital Music: 56 Visionary Artists & Insiders Reveal Their Creative Secrets.” The latter was written in collaboration with David Battino with a foreword by Stewart Copeland. If you are interested in hiring Kelli as your personal Trusted Advisor please learn more about her services in that capacity at KelliRichards.com.

What you can expect

Our mission is always to generate big visions, big connections and big results.

As connectors, consultants and collaborators, we pledge to provide our clients with:

  • Groundbreaking strategies to make more profit in less time
  • Highly relevant strategic alliances for mutual benefit to both sides
  • Innovative results that exceed their wildest expectations
  • A safe haven to explore new ideas and creative options without risk
  • Cutting-edge information about the direction the music, entertainment and technology industries are heading – and where they all intersect
  • Strategic connections between “creative disruptors” and innovators in technology and branded entertainment leaders who can accelerate each other’s market progress and profit potential
  • Developing creative solutions to get artists and celebrities in front of as many people as possible using digital media in new and innovative ways
  • Ideating new methods and strategies for empowering established artists and celebrities to take back creative and financial control of their careers

“An innovative and passionate leader”

“I’ve known Kelli for over 25 years, she and I have engaged as colleagues and peers. I find her to be an innovative and passionate leader who knows how to drive change.”

Nancy Duarte

CEO & Author, Duarte, Inc.