Beth Harrington is an independent producer, director and writer, whose fervor for American history, music and culture has led to a series of award-winning and critically acclaimed films. Beth’s most recent works, The Winding Stream – The Carters, The Cashes and The Course of Country Music and the Grammy-nominated Welcome to the Club – The Women of Rockabilly, reflect her long-standing love of music. A rock and roll singer and guitarist, she is most noted for her years as a member of Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers on the Warner Bros. Sire Records label. Beth currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she works with Oregon Public Broadcasting, producing, researching and developing shows for national air, including the popular PBS series History Detectives.

In This Episode:

04:10 – The time when Beth met Mister Rogers
07:06 – What called Beth to make her most recent film, The Winding Stream: Carter’s, Cashes and the Course of Country Music
16:10 – Beth’s favorite Woman of Rockabilly
18:45 – One common misconception about telling a story well
19:50 – Beth’s personal miracle that led to “The Blinking Madonna and Other Miracles”
25:34 – Is there a unifying thread between all of Beth’s films?
29:50 – How Beth finds balance between journalistic integrity and passion for the subject
32:40 – The one takeaway Beth tries to impress on her film students
34:53 – What it was like to play with Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
37:13 – What’s next for Beth and her legacy

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