Jared Cohn is an award-winning writer, director and producer – specifically in the sci-fi and horror genre – with such credits to his name as Atlantic Rim, Buddy Hutchins, 13/13/13, Jailbait, Born Bad and the last Sharknado movie. This year alone Jared has released five new films – all very different in style and tone. The first, Wishing for a Dream, is a personal project that Jared collaborated on with real-life partner, actress Sara Malakul Lane. The second, Little Dead Rotting Hood, is Asylum’s take on the classic fairytale. March sees the release of his film God’s Club starring Corbin Bernsen, Stephen Baldwin, and past AAR guest Lorenzo Lamas. Just recently we saw the release of the action movie The Horde, as well as Death Pool, an American Psycho-esque thriller. Cohn produces most of his work via his company Traplight Media.

In This Episode:

08:15 The most interesting thing Jared’s writing right now
15:30 What philosophy informs Jared’s approach as a director
17:30 What makes your work unique when everything has been done before
24:08 Why you should create your own content and retain ownership
25:55 What it’s like to collaborate with your real life partner
29:40 How Jared’s spirituality and belief in karma informs his work
33:50 Why a director needs to have a strong mental state

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